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Experts in packaging and end-of-line processes

Motion Control Specialists of SIEMENS

About us

At IMASD Robotics Engineering we are specialists in machinery for the packaging and end-of-line sector. Thanks to our experience as SIEMENS Motion Control Specialists, we develop our own robotic solutions with high performance, modularity and connectivity.

Vertical integration

IMASD is made up of a multidisciplinary team with a wide technical scope that allows us to address everything from the design to the full manufacturing of our solutions. We work with a firm orientation to the client and their objectives.

Solutions with own technology

We develop fully integrated machinery for the packaging and end-of-line sector, with a simple interface, which adapts to your equipment and production processes efficiently. Our extensive experience in the development of robotic solutions, reinforced by the partnership with leading brands, allows us to obtain the highest levels of performance and adaptability.

Our know-how, recognized by SIEMENS as Motion Control Specialists, allows us to achieve a high degree of modularity, connectivity and efficiency in our machines.

Technology partners:


Our solutions for the coffee sector

We promote the efficiency of the coffee capsule packaging and end-of-line processes through the development of modular, integrable and adaptable machinery.

Robotics for packaging coffee capsules

End-of-line palletizing in the coffee sector


The development and implementation of industry 4.0 in our solutions, being a tool that improves the control and management of the production process.

Current industrial needs

Development new solutions

Improvement of process control and management

Real-time data collection

Increased effectiveness