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Connect, collect and report

Software for the management of R&DELTA BOX production


IMASD CONNECT offers a real-time view of R&DELTA BOX production for the efficient management of the complete coffee capsule casing line.

Production software

IMASD CONNECT allows you to evaluate performance, determine opportunities for improvement and optimize overall efficiency for greater productivity and profitability of the line.

Connect increases visibility over the cartoning process through real-time data in line with Industry 4.0.

KPI indicators
Access key production data such as the OEE or machine efficiency indicator and others such as:

  • Capsules and cases produced and discarded.
  • Capsule yield by reason vs. objective.
  • Estimated and actual production time.
  • Registration of start and stop intervals (emergency, fault, manual pause, waiting times, etc.
Production planning

Manage your manufacturing orders based on established objectives, streamlining the organization and compliance with your production milestones.

Streamlines decision making

Measure results and make decisions more quickly thanks to reports or joint production reports for a specific period of time.

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200/250 CAP/MIN.

200/250 CAP/MIN.

400/500 CAP/MIN.